In Palermo the International Career Awards 2023 organized by the Costanza Foundation

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Written by : Maria Concetta Cefalu’

The INTERNATIONAL CAREER AWARDS 2023 will take place on Saturday 11 March at 5.30 pm at the Grand Hotel Des Palmes in via Roma 398. The awards ceremony organized by the Costanza Foundation, sponsored by the Municipality of Palermo, provides for the awarding of prizes to famous and internationally known artists from all over the world who have distinguished themselves for their contribution to culture. This award ceremony in Palermo is the sixth edition of the INTERNATIONAL CAREER AWARDS,the others in the past have been held in Madrid, New York and other international cities.

The Costanza Foundation
The Foundation, chaired by Alessandro Costanza, works with public and private institutions, Italian and international museums. The Foundation promotes the growth of the social fabric through exhibitions, awards and conferences in synergy with public and private bodies, galleries, museums, promotes culture by breaking down the distances between peoples. Secretary General Mary Stefani Costanza who supports the President during all the events.

Will be present
Present guests and internationally renowned talents such as the ambassador, teacher and artist M° Filippo Lo Iacono, coordinator of the event and next protagonist of an exhibition scheduled in New York and M° Micheal Lam international artist art Consultant and founder of Vision Art Media of New York, Spanish Paserela Madrid Fashion Week, Curator Juan Bautista De La Vera Cruz, Director Neoma Gallery, Art Manager Angel Gonzales, Owner of TTITLI Gallery Madubhani Art in Singapore, Sweta Jha, Director of Hegeumgang Theme Museum South Korea Mr. Cheon Eob YU and other personalities.

Many guests present the conductor, television comedian and theater actor Sasà Salvaggio and Maestro Giovanna Pia Ferrara, internationally award-winning violinist and composer, who will cheer those present with the splendid notes of her violin.

The staff
The event will be presented by the wonderful Katiuska Falbo with the wonderful assistant Sonia Hamza, a well-known face on TV, the official press officer is the journalist Dr. Marianna La Barbera. Among others, journalists, photographers, professional videomakers and social media managers will be present.

The location: Hotel Des Palmes
Built in 1874 by the Ingham-Whitaker family it was used as a private residence. Originally a secret passage connected the building to the opposite Anglican Church, and a marvelous and exotic winter garden dominated the lower body. Subsequently, at the end of the 19th century, the house was sold to the knight Enrico Ragusa who, in 1907, entrusted it to the architect Ernesto Basile to transform it into the colled ” Grande Albergo delle Palme “, and thus became a luxury hotel of the historical period of the “Bella époque” the historical, socio-cultural and artistic period that developed in Europe, approximately, between 1871 and 1914. Numerous famous people have stayed in the Hotel des Palmes including: the famous musician Richard Wagner, Raymond Roussel French writer, playwright and poet, Charles Poletti military and US politician, deputy governor of New York, Francesco Crispi, Italian patriot and politician , leading figure of the Italian Risorgimento and Vittorio Emanuele Orlando politician, distinguished Italian jurist and teacher. founder of the Italian school of public law.

Moral Sponsors
Vision Art Media – New York , Ttitli Gallery Madhubani Art – Singapore, Okonomo Art Gallery – Nigeria, Pasarela Española Fashion Week Madrid, Javier Rodríguez – Argentina & Spain, Neoma Galleria – Philippines, Filippo Lo Iacono International Artist, Rebeca Artblogger,
Rebeca Dorich Visual artist – Peru.

Photo source : M° Michael Lam

Our newspaper has interviewed Master   Micheal Lam, great international artist and art Consultant and founder of Vision Art Media in New York. On August 10, 2022, Master Lam was included by the famous Marquis Who’s Who publishing house, in the powerful and international online database that provides updated biographies of leaders and successful people from all over the world in the fields of business, law, science, medicine, the arts, government, entertainment. The following have written and published by Michael Lam: Street Journal, Eastern Edition an international newspaper from New York in the United States, with a worldwide average of over 2 million copies printed daily, Magazine Millennium, American Art Collector and Fine Art Connoisseur, and many others. He has been active as an artist for over 10 years. In this capacity, his works have been exhibited at the Galleria La Pigna, Artifact, the Juried Art Exhibition of the World Trade Center and the Save the Planet International Artists Exhibition. Master Lam was also an international art professor and supporter of the United Nations Children’s Fund and the Aeiou Foundation.

Master you are a great artistic consultant but above all a great artist, how did your passion come about?
I believe that art is a language without borders. I use art to send an important message Love and Peace. This is a big source of my enthusiasm. I also use my artwork to support many groups and organizations.

His works have been presented at the Galleria La Pigna, Artifact, the Juried Art Exhibition of the World Trade Center and the Save the Planet International Artists Exhibition. Published in American Art Collector and Fine Art Connoisseur, I ask you: What is characteristic of Michael Lam’s art?
I am the creator of Single Stroke Painting. Most of my works reflect awareness of the environment and social phenomena.

Master  Michael  you have received numerous awards over the years, including the First Prize at the 2014 Blick Art Show, the 2015 Sandro Botticelli Award, the 2015 Rome Imperiale International Award, the 2015 Timeless Award in Ferrara, the 2015 Pablo Picasso Art Award , the 2015 Art Prize Michelangelo International Award and 2020 World Peace Prize from the International Federation of Culture and the Arts. The recipient of the Special Achievement Award, his work has also been recognized in books such as “America’s Most Trusted Consultants”, which is was published by America’s Most Trusted Media in 2019, what’s the secret to being a great artist like you?
Enthusiasm, tenacity and return to society are the key to my success.

Master  Lam one word about the city of Palermo?
Palermo is a beautiful and enchanting city. People are kind and friendly to each other.

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