In New York ” Curdled memories – The innocent series ” by Reen Sanderse

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Written by : Maria Concetta Cefalu’

The personal exhibition entitled ” Curdled memories – The innocent series ” by the internationally renowned artist Reen Sanderse from Oostburg, will take place from 17 to 27 March 2023 from 4.30 p. m. to 06.30 p.m. at the Superb Gallery of Art in New York City,  located at the Exhibition Venue 36 W 44 Th St, 707A New York City NY 10036.

Reen Sanderse
Reen Sanderse or Irene, born in 1953, lives and works in Zeeuws Vlaanderen in the Netherlands. She attended the Academy of Crafts and Arts 1987-1989, and has been working as a professional artist since 1990. Her artistic specialty is: mixed media digital light art, drawing / painting, design, photography. Owner of the art gallery “Kunstkabinet d’Oude Winkel, in the city of Oostburg, the Netherlands. and the Van Rijn Gallery, Hillegom, the Netherlands from 2001-2011. Reen has participated in numerous art projects and has worked together with many internationally renowned artists .Among his many projects : “Pelgrimrage” 2003-2018, “The woman behind the chador” 2001, ” Hartstocht 2010, “L ‘eau c’est la vie “, “Send me a postcard ” 2017 and more Still. Reen was initiator and organizer of four major art events : “De Kunstroute” in Hillegom/Lisse, the Netherlands, in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011. The artist Sanderse is a member of various international and worldwide art groups : GAP International, Art Leader Iran, Art NİĞDE Int, Turkey, PAS, Portugal; Honorary Member from Bangiya Kala Kendra, Mumbai India; FIAG, South Korea; Intregation India , Chang Kil Hwan Museum of Art, South Korea, Art for Cause, India Acces, France. In 2020 she found a new way of expressing herself and create a new technique by playing with photography, digital art, light effects and drawing, to create wonderful works of art through a mix of digital light art media full of mysticism and emotions and of exceptional technical and artistic level. Reen Sanderse has won numerous awards including: Gold Award in the Engraving Category “Lalit Kala Kendra”, in Assam, India, in 2022 .

Exhibition organizer : Vision Art Media  of  Michael Lam
To organize the personal exhibition entitled “curdled memories – The innocent series” is the “Vision Art Media” of  Michael Lam  in collaboration with VIPAA – The Voice of International Professional Art Association (VIPAA) and the Superb Gallery of Art in New York, this  latter  located in the Bryant Park area in central of  Manhattan. The “Vision Art Media” whose motto is: “Together we will make a difference” is a media company headquartered in New York City created  to help sustain and grow arts culture around the world, and  founded  by Michael Lam  a great international artist art Consultant.  There are numerous connections of Vision Art Media with galleries, organizations and museums around the world. Vision Art Media works through international relations for the benefit and enhancement of artists and their career by providing international platforms and stages, to make their art and their works and their talent known throughout the world. Vision Art Media also takes care of the artist’s image, divulges and spreads his genius, and publishes on the NASDAQ billboard in Times Square, the busiest pedestrian area in the world, icon and symbol of the city of New York.

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