A princely dress by the designer Belinda Ferraro for Master Giovanna Ferrara, Testimonial of the Maison Ferraro’s Haute Couture of New York

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Written by : Maria Concetta Cefalu’

The A.S.D. B&M FERRARO NEW YORK CITY the American non-profit company that has been operating for years in the American high fashion sector, and also in sport in general, particularly in women’s football, chaired by Dr. Belinda Ferraro and Dr. Maurizio Pezzali choose as testimonial of the Haute Couture house and New York brand  the Palermo’s violinist Jane Far, born Giovanna Ferrara.
Designer Belinda Ferraro was born and raised in New York City. From an early age she dedicated herself to her passion, designing high fashion clothing for women. After completing his studies and obtaining two degrees and a specialization in the United States FASHION DESIGNER, she opened his own ateliers, one in New York City, another in Pennsylvania in Pittsburgh and one in Monreale, and designed and created clothes that women engaged in every field, and artists from all over the world.
The President of the A.S.D. B & M FERRARO NEW YORK CITY Belinda Ferraro has always been dedicated to the valorization of women, both through her commitment to high fashion and through sport with the establishment of a women’s soccer team in New York City. Her message for  all women is to encourage them, be they mothers, daughters, grandmothers, wives, to follow their dreams to make their desires come true, to love themselves first and foremost and love themselves.

Foto: Maurizio Pezzali, Jane Far, Belinda Ferraro

Her dresses are handmade, with attention to detail, attention to detail, made with love. They are unique, original, tailor-made clothes, they convey emotions and leave indelible memories that no one will ever be able to erase. November 17, 2023 on the occasion of the Grand Art Gala organized and curated by the International Association “Charm Of Art” chaired by Santo Ciciro’, the international master Giovanna Ferrara, aka Jane Far, testimonial of Ferraro’s Haute Couture in New York wore a “classic princess” style dress, made with high quality fabrics, impressive and at the same time full of elegance and grace. The dress with a classic and high fashion line, made with a high quality fabric, designed and created by the stylist Dr. Belinda Ferraro, President of the A.S.D. B&M FERRARO NEW YORK CITY personifies the colors of the American flag, and in its masterful interpretation and body of the model, represents the United States of America.
The predominant colors of the wonderful fabric of pure silk and satin are the colors of white, red and blue, which give the dress an austere, composed, regal air, of a true queen.
A royal, sumptuous, majestic dress in the “classic princess” style made with fine fabrics of mixed satin and pure silk, characterized by a wide and bold neckline with a fitted strapless bodice, enriched by light rectilinear folds, horizontal and constant with respect to the skirt that slims the figure. The skirt starts from the waistline and is white. The style slims the figure and slims the silhouette, furthermore, the crinoline, tulle and pure silk taffeta make the skirt particularly and sweetly voluminous. On the same deliciously flared skirt, two magnificent, rigid and voluminous drapes are positioned in opposite lines, blue at the front and red at the back, which overlap the white of the skirt, and move gently, sliding over the body, slimming the silhouette.


The precious accessories emphasize the sumptuous style of the dress: the necklace, bracelet and earrings in pure silver with brilliant transparent crystals set in silver donated to President Belinda Ferraro.
For your dream outfit, choose the international atelier of the American designer Belinda Ferraro of Ferraro’s Haute Couture in New York.


Ferraro’s Haute Couture

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