Costanza Foundation : The International Career Awards 2023

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Photo: Master Filippo Lo Iacono, Master Giovanna Ferrara, President  Alessandro Costanza, Master Michael Lam
Music : ” Meridiem” by the Master Giovanna Ferrara

Written By : Maria Concetta Cefalu’

The grandiose event of the International Career Awards 2023 organized by the Costanza Foundation saw the awarding of prizes to famous and well-known artists of international national level, from all over the world who have distinguished themselves for their contribution to culture.

The sixth edition of the International Career Awards 2023 took place in Palermo on Saturday 11 March under the spotlights of national and local TV, inside the historic and majestic Grand Hotel et des Palmes in via Roma n.398. The building, the work of the great architect Ernesto Basile, is characterized by an unmistakable architectural richness, elegance and refinement, with frescoed ceilings and Art Nouveau windows, heritage of the Art Nouveau of the city of Palermo. The famous composer and musician Richard Wagner, Raymond Roussel French writer, playwright and poet, Charles Poletti military and US politician, deputy governor of New York, Francesco Crispi, Italian patriot and politician, many famous actors and actresses stayed in the building of English origins such as Sophia Loren, Al Pacino, Peter Ustinov .

The sponsors
The prestigious awards ceremony organized by the Costanza Foundation and his President  Alessandro Costanza  in collaboration with the Ambassador for Italy of the Costanza Foundation Master Filippo Lo Iacono was sponsored by the Municipality of Palermo. Numerous international sponsors have contributed to the success of the event: Master Edgar Mabboux; Neoma Galleria in the person of Angel Gonzales, the Ambassador for Spain Juan Bautista De La Vera Cruz of the Spanish Catwalk Madrid Fashion Week; the Director of the Haeughem Theme Museum of South Korea Mr. Cheon Eob Yu; Sweta Jha Ambassador of Costanza Foundation in Singapore, Owner of TTITLI Madubhani Art in Singapore.

The Constanza Foundation
Founded in 2016, the Costanza Foundation is an Italian organization that operates in Italy and around the world, in the field of art and culture. The Foundation’s objective is to promote the growth of the social fabric through exhibitions, awards, conferences in synergy with private public bodies, galleries and museums. The Foundation promotes cultural exchange, bridging the distances between peoples. To date it has 50,000 associated artists and 14 art ambassadors around the world. The president is Alessandro Costanza. The Secretary and General Manager is The Master Filippo Lo Iacono who supports the President during all the events, helps him in organizing the exhibitions, takes care of the graphic and editorial aesthetic aspect, and directs all the Departments of the world, and of the personnel.

The welcome
To welcome all those present at the Grand Hotel et des Palmes at the International Career Awards 2023 the President Alessandro Costanza , together with the Master Filippo Lo Iacono , proud and enthusiastic about the organized initiative which has managed to bring together artists from all over the world, create synergies, networks and future collaborations, “long live the art, long live the Costanza foundation” said the General Manager Master Lo Iacono, and together with them the Master Michael Lam from New York, who defined the city of Palermo “a Beautiful city” .

The staff
The very important international event organized in an impeccable way by the Costanza Foundation, has met with great success and involved famous artists from all over the world, in the field of visual arts, theater film actors, poets, musicians, professionals of the highest level. Imposing and impeccable, the highly qualified and professional staff of the Costanza Foundation as well as all the operators and collaborators, cameramen, photographers, director for an elegant and perfect highly professional work, enriched in an artistic way also by the preparation of flowers and decorations for the event curated by Salvo Manno. To present the event with great style, elegance and very high skill and competence, the beautiful and elegant Katiuska Falbo actress and theater director, brilliant presenter and speaker of Radio In, together with the equally beautiful Assistant Sonia Hamza television presenter .

The technicians
Numerous technicians involved in the event: Cameramen, assistant director, photographers, journalists, the contribution of the press officer of Dr. Marianna La Barbera is particularly significant for the painstaking journalistic work carried out of excellent caliber, also enriched by the qualified participation of the newspaper on line ” www.Brancaccio e Cultura .it ” for the dissemination of the event through articles and bilingual interviews around the world .

The guests
Sasà Selvaggio Special Guest famous actor, comedian and TV presenter who promotes Sicily in the world and by the Master Giovanna Ferrara internationally known for having composed the anthem of the women of the world presented at Expo 2020 Dubai in the United Arab Emirates in 2021, that with the sublime musical notes of her violin has performed wonderful music of very important works, and pieces written and composed by the Master himself.

The Commission
The Commission formed by the President Costanza, by the Ambassador for Italy the International Master of Art Filippo Lo Iacono, Master of Ceremonies; by the Founder of Vision Art Media Master Michael Lam, Top Art Consultant arrived from New York for the event;

The winners
Great emotions and joy for the winners of the International Career Awards 2023 which featured famous artists in the field of visual arts, film and theater actors, poets, national and international professionals of the highest level and arrived from all over the world. The Costanza Foundation, messenger and promoter and ambassador of culture and all forms of art in the world, has succeeded through the mission of bringing together artists from all over the world, spreading the message of the importance of culture to create networks and cultural exchanges between all Countries of the world, in favor of growth and development and great opportunities.
Numerous winners: from Stefania Blandenburg to film actress who worked with great Italian actors and directors, famous actors Tommaso Gioietta, Alessandro Costanza, and more:
Dora Labora of New York, the French Francois Noël, Caroline Hardy, Nathalie MN La Rouge, Maria Emma Gobbi President of the Associazione IIa Repubblica degli Artisti, Marco Faggi son of the great impressionist Remo Faggi, the singer Daria Biancardi, the poetess Sara Favaro’ , Edgar Mabboux from Switzerland, Elisabetta Amoruso dancer, Alessandra Salerno singer, the President of Siciliando Vincenzo Perricone, Loredana Giannuzi from Rome, Raffaele Mazza, Raffaela Cefales Belongo from Spain, Ernesto Maria Ponte actor, Tancredi Fortunato musician, Pascal Russ from Changai, Ernesto Butticè, Gaspare Sanzo, Patri Franco, Giovanna Carrozza, Roberto Capone, Antonella Giotti, Prof. King Matteo Tutino, Prof. Vittorio Lo Iacono. Salvador Marino master of metals and creations of sculptures, Aldo Naselli Radio In entrepreneur

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