The Palermo’s violinist Jane Far testimonial for Ferraro’s Haute Couture of New York

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Written By : Maria Concetta  Cefalu’

The grand Art Gala organized and curated by the international Charm Of Art Association chaired by Santo Ciciro’ will take place today 17 November 2023 at 5.00 pm at the former Real Fonderia Oretea alla Cala, Piazza Fonderia in Palermo. The prestigious event is part of the temporary collective art exhibition of painting and photography, underway and already open to visitors from 13th to 17th November in the same important and historic location founded in 1840 by the Palermo entrepreneur and shipowner Vincenzo Florio.

Master Jane Far guest of honor
Guest of honor at the event will be the international violinist Jane Far, born Giovanna Ferrara, who will perform music with her precious, valuable , french, and  from two centuries ago  violin. Furthermore, the international Master Jane Far will be the official testimonial of the A.S.D. B&M FERRARO NEW YORK CITY, the American non-profit company that has been operating for years in the American high fashion sector, and also in sport in general, particularly in women’s football, chaired by Belinda Ferraro and Maurizio Pezzati.

Photo Belinda Ferraro President  of A.S.D. B&M FERRARO NEW YORK CITY

Ferraro’s Haute couture of New York
The dress that Master Jane Far will wear this afternoon, it has a classic line of the “classic princess” style of Haute Couture, made with high quality fabrics, impressive and at the same time full of elegance and grace. The dress designed by the President of the A.S.D. B&M FERRARO NEW YORK CITY Belinda Ferraro. The international designer was born in New York but she  carries out her activities between Italy and the USA. With the creation of this dress, President Belinda Ferrara wanted to represent the colors of the American flag, and as an excellent artist and stylist through her art ,   created a magnificent transposition of the colors in his very elegant model,  which was enriched by personal interpretation and representation. They are the colors of white, red and blue, which give the dress an austere, composed, regal air, of a true princess. To emphasize the regal and imposing style of the dress will be the precious accessories that Master Jane Far will wear: silver earrings, necklace and bracelet with brilliant transparent crystals set in the silver donated to President Belinda Ferraro.

Maestro Giovanna Ferrara aka Jane Far
Maestro Jane Far, born Giovanna Ferrara, is a choir director, violinist and composer of the now famous international women’s anthem entitled “Meridiem” presented and performed at Expo Dubai 2020 and chosen to represent the women of the world, and the whose video was awarded by the Cefalù FILM Festival in 2021. The anthem of the women of the world “Meridiem” received the applause and compliments in writing from the Vice President of the European Commission Věra Jourová, who shared it. Maestro Jane Far also composed the anthem of the city of Palermo “Palermitana” sponsored by the Municipality of Palermo – by the Palermo Film Commission, by the Sicilian Region – Department of Cultural Heritage and Sicilian Identity – by the E.C.U. European Culture University of Palermo and the newspaper “Il Moderatore” by the MEdia Partner. She has won numerous awards and recognitions, she is President of the Brancaccio and Music Cultural Association, she is the Ambassador in the world for the arts and music for the States General of Women. Maestro Jane Far is committed to the dissemination of Italian and Sicilian culture, art and music in the world, she works internationally in the field of international cooperation, solidarity, in favor of women, justice, equity, legality and non-discrimination through its artistic, musical and cultural activities.

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